Delicious Sparkling Temperance Drinks




6 oz. bottle


A luxurious chocolate coffee smell. And the taste: sweet, a tingle of sour soda and rich coffee. The coffee isn't as strong or bitter as I'd expected from the title "espresso drink". Just enough coffee to lend a deep creamy smooth flavor, but not enough to make you think you're really drinking an iced coffee or real espresso.

For such a small bottle I'd expect this to be more packed with intense flavor. I was a little disappointed in that, but overall it really is a tasty, cool, rich and delicous beverage.

fizz 2

refreshment 4

score 5

sweetness 4

flavor 4


Water, coffee, sugar, caramel coloring, carbon dioxide, vanilla and natural flavorings.

Made by

de Sarro & Torchia SRL
Zona Industriale - Area ex Sir - Lotto 72
88048 Lamezia Terme CZ