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Baron Jeera Masala Drink


Baron Jeera Masala

200 mL bottle

2.22 g sugar / oz.


I open the bottle and already am leery of the first sip. The smell is far more savory than sweet. It's not like any other soda I've tasted. The flavor is salty, with a sour, curdled aftertaste.

Sort of a thick flavor, somehow similar to a cream soda in that it is rich and filling. But I can barely drink any more. Ugh. Its just too sour and salty for me.

Even on a hot day like today I just can't drink much of it. It has a vegetable flavor somewhat like the bitter flavor of grass jelly, or the slight sweet/savory flavor of a basil seed drink, but this is far more salty. I can't drink any more or I'm afraid my stomach will do a flip. Blech.

fizz 1

refreshment 1

score 1

sweetness 1

flavor 5


Sugar, citric acid, permitted class II preservatives & added flavours.

Made by

Maruti Soda Factory
Kalyan 421 303