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Bottle Green Cranberry & Orange Pressé


Bottle Green Cranberry

250 mL bottle

1.88 g sugar / oz.


This seems mostly cranberry and not much orange. Not much carbonation. Tastes a lot like a cranberry juice drink, sort of like one of those frozen fruit coctail drinks you add water to. It tastes a bit like fruit punch at a party, the kind you make with ginger ale, cranberry juice and a bit of orange sherbet.

This drink is fine but not too exciting. Not enough pep to be a thrill, but I do appreciate any drink based on cranberries.

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Carbonated Canadian spring water, cane sugar, juices of cranberry and aroniaberry, citric acid, natural extracts of orange, ascorbic acid.

Made by

Bottle Green Drinks Company
Mississauga, ON L5A 3W7