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Abali Mint Flavor Yogurt Soda


Abali Mint

16 oz. bottle

1.13 g sugar / oz.


Salty sour, very strong taste. This is not a drink for the weak-willed!

Well, after a few sips and some time to become acquainted to this brew, its not quite as shocking to the palate. The main obstacle is a strong spoiled milk smell that confronts the nose long before it hits the tongue.

Strangely enough, I can't taste any mint in this. How is this different from the "original" flavor? It just a plain, unsweetened, unflavored yogurt with plain sour soda water added. I've never enjoyed the taste of plain yogurt. If I did, maybe this would be more enjoyable.

fizz 4

refreshment 3

score 1

sweetness 2

flavor 4


Milk, carbonated water, yogurt culture, salt & mint extract.

Made by

Sun Dairy Co.
5471 San Fernando Road West
Los Angeles CA 90039

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