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Homemade Root Beer Soda & Pop
by Stephen Cresswell
Storey Books

There's more to this book than just recipes. You'll find interesting info about the origins of root beer and other early beverages. A full-bodied, book with depth and distinct aroma.

Root Beer Advertising & Collectibles
by Tom Morrison
Schiffer Publishing

Lots of photos of extinct root beer advertising ephemera for the collector. Also a good reference for researching root beer brand history. You'll just have to imagine what these lost brews tasted like. A predictable price-guide kind of book, but the flavor will grow on you.

The Root Beer Book
by Laura E. Quarantiello
Tiare Press

A wide survey of the world of root beer. However, the book suffers from poor editing and never sips much below the surface in its conclusions. Flat and watery, not much flavor.

Soda Pop!
by Michael Karl Witzel & Gyvel Young-Witzel
Town Square Books

Many nice photos of vintage soda pop advertising in this coffee-table book. Once again the big colas overshadow root beer, but this is a good general history of soft drinks of all types. Somewhat bland, commercial, but decent tasting book.

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